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How to Post a Job

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2013 09:01AM EDT

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to post a job to the RecruitMilitary Job Board. Make sure to also check out our Job Posting Tips page for additional hints and tips!

Once you have logged into your RecruitMilitary account, begin by clicking the green “Post a new job” button on the Recent Job Postings tab from the Employer Dashboard. 

Once on a new job posting, begin by filling out the Job Title for the position. The Job Title is required. If your organization has an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you may also want to include an Internal Reference Number. The Internal Reference Number is optional.

Next, complete the Description section of the job posting. This is where you can include a brief description of the position, as well as requirements and qualifications for the position. The Description is required.

You can select whether the position is Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Internship, or Seasonal/Temporary. You can select as many categories apply to the position. This is optional.

Next, select a city/state or zip code for the location for the position. You can only specify one location per job posting, otherwise the job posting will not populate correctly in the job results when a candidate searches the job board by location. The location is required.

You can include a salary range for the position. Although this field is not required, we encourage you to include a salary range, as positions in the military are based on pay grade. You do not have to include a specific salary.

You can then tag your job posting with as many categories as apply to your position. Use the Control key to select more than one category. We encourage you to include at least one category. This is optional.

Lastly, complete the Contact Information section. If your organization has an ATS, we encourage you to include an Apply URL to link the job posting on RecruitMilitary’s Job Board to the job posting on your organization’s website. If you choose to include redirecting information in the description of the job posting (ie: "Email resume to..." or "Go to website to apply"), the applicants who do so will not be recorded on the system and this will not be an accurate reflection of the success of your job posting.

You can also choose to display your name and email address on the job posting by checking the boxes below your name and email address. If the contact person for the job posting will be someone other than yourself, you can change the name and email address to the contact person. The contact specified in this section of the job posting will receive an email notification when a candidate has applied to you job posting.

Once complete, click on the create button. You can also choose to save your job posting as a draft to post at a later date. Your job posting will be on the RecruitMilitary Job Board for 30 days.
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