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Job Posting Tips for Employers

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2013 09:02AM EDT
Below are a few job posting tips for employers. This is by no means comprehensive, just a few tips we've picked up over the years.
  • Have a clear job title, reflective of what you put in the job description. It also may be a good idea to add your location for the position you are looking to fill (such as  “Position, in City, State”).

  • A clear, concise description of the duties/tasks that will be expected of them in that position (Bullet Points work best). This is a great opportunity to sell the candidate on why your position is awesome, and not just another accounting or sales job.

  • Clear job requirements (Again, Bullet Points work best). Make sure to distinguish between the 'Must Have' and 'Nice to Have' requirements. Keep in mind that veterans who are just transitioning out may have years of experience and expertise in a specific field, but may not have the equivalent civilian certification. You don't want to discourage an ideal candidate from applying because of a skill that can be taught or a certificate that can be easily obtained. If any of your colleagues are veterans, you may want to ask for their feedback.

  • Make candidates want to apply by telling them what sets your organization apart from everyone else. Do you better pay and benefits? Do you have a group just for veterans at your organization? Is your office located in the hip new building downtown?

  • But still be honest. Don't over embellish. You want to just attract candidates, but to attract the right candidates. You may pay more than 'the other guys', but if your position requires being outside in the blistering heat several hours a day, you want a candidate who can take the heat.

  • Remember to use only one city/state or zip code for the location of your job posting. This is how candidates will find you when they search for jobs in a specific location and will also be mapped on your job posting. If the position is available in more than one location, you will need to post a job for each location.

  • Make sure to include a salary range. Although this field is not required, we encourage you to include a salary range, as positions in the military are based on pay grade. You do not have to include a specific salary.

  • Make the most of keywords in the title and body of the job posting and tag applicable work categories to the posting. This will help candidates find your posting. However, make sure to only tag work categories that are relevant to your position.

  • At the bottom of the job post, make sure to instruct them to click the “Apply Now” button. If you have a candidate tracking system on your organization’s website, under “Edit Job” you can add the URL to redirect candidates when they click on the “Apply Now” button.  Make sure that you add a URL, not an e-mail address!

  • Show organization’s name on the job posting (check box). Think about it - would you accept a resume from a candidate without a name?

  • Once your job is posted, make sure to read through the listing. Are there any spelling or grammatical errors? If I were a candidate, would I clearly understand the job requirements and next steps to apply? Are the most important parts of the posting listed at the top as to immediate grab a candidate's attention? Each posting can be edited as many times as you like while the posting is live, so feel free to tweak your posting while it is on the RecruitMilitary Job Board.

  • Be realistic with your expectations. Veterans only constitute about 7% of our population, so it is not likely that your posting will receive several hundred views and 20 applicants the first hour it is posted. Also, while the military is comprised of occupations across the industry spectrum, there are much higher concentrations of certain types of occupations than others. For example, you will likely have a higher success rate with a job posting for a maintenance/repair tech than you will for a surgeon.

Remember, job postings (no matter where they are posted) are a passive way to attract candidates. You are relying on the right candidate to not only find you, but catch their interest so that they are motivated to complete your application process.

If you are still having a hard time attracting the right candidates with your posting, you may need to pair your job posting with more active products, such as a database search subscription or targeted email. Your account executive would be more than happy to help you put together a comprehensive veteran outreach program. If you are not sure who your account executive is (or if you have additional questions) please don't hesitate to give the Support Team a shout at (513) 677-7670 or
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